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John Mosby Binford’s 1826 Will, Madison County, Alabama

Page 1 of John Mosby Binford's 1826 will, on file at the Madison County Records Center in Huntsville, Alabama

Page 1 of John Mosby Binford’s 1826 will, on file at the Madison County Records Center in Huntsville, Alabama

Here is my transcription of John Mosby Binford’s 1826 will, which names several enslaved persons from Madison County, Alabama.  The original is on file in the Madison County Records Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

State of Alabama Madison County

I John M Binford being of sound mind & memory do make & ordain this my last will & testament & do dispose of what worldly goods it has pleased God to bless me with in the manner and form following.

Item I give & bequeath to my son John M. Binford the following negroes to wit. Austin, Peter, Dick, Stepney, Moll, Aladela, Viny & her two children, Lydia, also choice of the work horses that are now in the possession of James Malon [Malone] of Limestone County A.l.a.  the whole of my Land lying in Northhampton County State of North Carolina that is at this time unsold , all my notes & outstanding debts.  I give my grandson William L. Turner son of Thomas Turner one small negro girl named Matilda.  I give to Thomas Turner Snr– one negro woman named Pattey.  I give to my Daughter Eliza F.H. Malone one negro woman Charlotte & her four children.  I give to my grand Daughter Lucy Stith Binford daughter of Addison Binford one negro girl named Bicki.  I give my son Addison Binford one Bead [bed] & funature [furniture]my Man called Crane this condition that my son Peter Binford have half the Coalt [colt] that the mare is now infold  with.  I also give to Peter Binford my Riding Horse call’d George.  I give my grand Son John Binford son of Abner H. Binford one negro woman Clary & her two children together with her increase to him his Heirs forever.

My will is that my House servant Lurana shall be sold on two years credit one half of the purchase money for s’d [said] negro to be paid in twelve months from the date of the sale & the other half of the purchase money to be paid at the end of Two years baring [bearing] Interest from the time the first half of the purchase money is  to be paid by the legatees only.  I  give  lend to Peter Binford in trust two negroes to wit Emaline & Isaac which negroes it is my will & desire that Rebecah Anne Bass of Northampton County North Carolina who is Ten years old next March, shall have when she arrives to the age of Eighteen years or marries the said Peter Binford as trustee limiting to said Rebecah Anne Bass the Hire of said Negroes.

I give to my grand Daughter Susan L. Binford Daughter of Peter Binford one negro girl name’d Caroline to her & her Heirs forever in testimony of the above I have hereunto set my Hand this second day of February 1826.

Jno M Binford

[witnesses signed below]

James G. Bell

Matha [Martha] Capell

I hereby make this Codicil to the above my last will & Testament revoking all other heretofore by me made.  Item I give my son Peter Binford four Hundred Dollars to be paid out of the monies arising from the sale of my House servant Lurana; Item I give to Mary Frances Burton Daughter of William M. Burton one negro Boy nam’d Minton.  I give to my son John M. Binford my silver spoons & all my furnature not heretofore by me mention’d.  I hereby appoint my son Peter Binford & Thomas Turner my Executors to this my last will & testament this third day of February 1826.

Jno M. Binford[1]

Mrtha [Martha] Capel [Capell]

James G. Bell

[The following appears on one of the outer folds of the will in the clerk’s handwriting:]

The State of Alabama:

County court of Madison county this 11th day of March 1826—

The last will and testament of John M Binford deceased was this day produced in open court and the execution thereof with the codicil thereto annexed as to the perishable & personal property contained therein being duly proven by the oaths of Martha Capell & James G Bell the subscribing witnesses thereto was ordered to be recorded &e which is duly done this 15th day of March 1826—

Thos [Thomas] Brandon Clk [Clerk]

[The following appears vertically on another outer fold of the will in the clerk’s handwriting:]


Jon M Binfords


Recorded & Ex__d [Executed?]

I [In?] will Bok [Book] no 3

[1] Madison County, Alabama probate file 1533, will, John M. Binford; Madison County Records Center, Huntsville.


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